• Pressure Pot with Air Regulator & Water Trap

Please email stainedglass@kansacraft.co.uk if you would like to order this item, the Air Regulator & Water Trap is fitted to the Pressure Pot in our workshop.  Please allow up to 2 weeks for these adjustments and delivery.

Most sandblasters work on the ‘siphon system’ where the grit and pressurised air are fed through separate pipes to the gun.  The size of the gun nozzle makes siphon systems unsuitable for line work or deep carving. 

The ‘pressure pot’ is a self contained unit which enables the air and grit to be mixed in the pressure vessel before being emitted in a controlled and efficient manner through smaller nozzles. 

The Air Regulator allows you to control the flow of air from Compressor to Pressure Pot.  Using low pressures for fine work and high pressures for deep carving.



• Self Sealing Top

The abrasive is poured into the top opening of the pressure pot. When the unit is pressurised, the 50mm closure seals the pot, dropping automatically when the pot is depressurised, for easy refilling.


• Nozzle Gun 

The nozzle end has squeeze handle control which turns off the flow of air and grit when released.  An essential safety feature!


• Choke Valve

Controls the abrasive flow. damp conditions, the valve can be closed slightly to increase the air pressure.


• Set and Forget Mixing

The 12mm mixing valve controls the amount of abrasive passing through the pressure pot.  If more abrasive is required, the valve is opened slightly.

Once the mixing valve is set, it doesn’t normally need adjusting. A clog free nylon strainer is inside the pot.



• Weight - 27.5kg 

• Pot Size: Diameter - 255mm, Height - 890mm (fitted with wheels)



• The pressure pot takes 35kg of abrasive which gives up to one hour of continual blasting before refilling is needed.



• The grit and air are mixed in the pressure pot and one feed pipe carries the pressurised grit to the nozzle - usually 2.5mm.

• A small compressor of over 300 litres per minute is required. A very low pressure can obtain a fine shading or acid-etched effect pressure can be increased to deep carve 6mm glass.

Includes 1 Tungsten Carbide nozzle, 2.75m of hose and a sandblasting hood.

Pressure Pot with Air Regulator & Water Trap

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